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About Us

‘Indian Travel Trendz’ offers you very best services in the industry in bespoke vacations. With our several years of experience in the business and sound infrastructure, we can only confidently brag on our credibility that no other organization in travel business can outshine us. Whether, your are looking for relaxing vacation, romantic honeymoon or ambitious adventure, we can design down your travel plan to the tiniest detail.

Welcome India!
An ancient civilization, India is a land of legends, abode of Gods, mystic beauties – by whatever name you call it. India lives up to all its sobriquets. It is indeed a land fit to be the home of divinity, natural beauty where snow peak overlook heavenly meadows, gushing streems, mysterious forests, holy shrines and diversity enthralls people over the world.

The nature’s riches that the land posseses also makes it ideal for wildlife lovers. Topographical variations from foothills to high ranges means that there is an amazing mix of varying elevations and climate available, supporting a rich biodiversity. With a rich history, India also provides an excellent opportunity to learn from the past. No wonder it is a land of mysticism where Yoga and Ayurveda live here and are attracting many to learn, practice and master them.

Our Commitement To You

Know what you want but not sure where to find it? Or you know all the theories about India but fear to dwell all alone, we are here to guide you to discover this vast and magical part of the world for the first time. We believe you need our guidance and you believe in us. That will ensure a sound vacation exceeds you every expectation.

Total Flexibility

A land of immense diversity as India and all surprising opportunities and risks it presents, an infinite flexibility is been needed to convert you vision into memorable reality, that what we do it for you. You can’t deny but astonish to see our pricing policy that doesn’t reflect on luxury tour packages. Our policy to good for our clients as we give the best discounts on hotel booking.

That’s our guarantee to you!

Our Team
We believe in team work and each of our member has assigned specialised jobs. We have a team of educated and dedicated young professionals on we can rely blind folded. Our team has a simple objective, to satisfy our clients at its utmost. Our team also consist of local guides who are educated, trustable and have thorough knowledge about that place.

Our Services
We appreciate that we are recognized as ‘seven wonders’, belong to seven exceptional travel agencies in India. each one is privately owned and have various specialisation of the destinations. We provides highest quality of professional services that includes:

  • Travel booking at a competative cost.
  • Escorted coach tours with guaranteed departures.
  • Special guides for different destinations who are bilingual (English and local language) and have a complete knowledge about the destination.
  • MICE - Meetings, Conventions, incentives and events.
  • Special tour packages like cultural tour, honeymoon tour, yoga tour, wild tour, Buddhist tour etc.

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