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Ajmer Sherif India is land of gods and goddesses; when we talk about gods, it is not restricted to any particular religion. The multi religious and multi faceted cultural inheritance of India has given it a palpable status. Ajmer Sharif is one such holy pilgrimage in India which attracts people of all religious backgrounds. Perfumed aching smoke, thick walls and people offering their prayers in full sanctity to Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti; is what defines aura of this holy pilgrimage. Rich and poor, weak and hopeful, sad and happy; all visit Ajmer Sharif in full sanctity. Over centuries, Khawaja has mended pains of many and blessed uncountable.

“ Khawaja Sahib called me and I was there. I went there to have a dip in the lake near as it could wash my sins” said Hamida Bano from Dubai.

The Ambiance
Sandalwood rosaries, roses and jasmine coupled with enchanting of holy rhymes in the Dargah of Ajmer Sharif, fills the heart of devout with immense love and faith for the divine. This is one tomb where one can find people of different religions and faiths praying together with full devotion and respect for Khwaja. It speaks high about the powers of the divinity. After the death of Khwaja, his tomb, became such a centre of attraction that it made emperor Akbar walk for 16 days from Agra to Ajmer to offer prayers.

The profusions of buildings around the Dargah started with a mosque which Akbar had built here. There are many other small and large edifices that devout built around the Dargah as a patronage. The entrance of the Dargah looms at 70ft over the bazaar. There are few drums which have been kept over the entrance which were gifted by Akbar. Moving a little further, one can have a view of Buland darwaza which was built by Mohammed Khilji. There are two degs (cauldrons) in the large compound, which were gifted by Akbar and Jahangir. These degs were gifted in order to cook meals for the people who come here from far off places.

Ajmer, today, stands as a modest town of Rajasthan with gorgeous setting harbored by hills and beautiful Anna Sagar Lake. Urs or annual pilgrimage of the devotees is celebrated in Ajmer during the month of May and is a major crowd puller. The euphoneious chantings by the people and their love for Khwaja is mesmerizing. People follow long cues which are kilometer long to be able to visit Khawaja's tomb for a few seconds. Free food is served to these devout, out of the donations that Dargah receives annually.

There are a few monuments that are located within a distance of few kilometers from here. While visiting this magnificent Dargah, take a half day's time out to visit some of these interesting sights. Pushkar which is 11km from here, is famous Hindu pilgrimage. It is only place to have temple of Hindu Diety, Lord Brahma. There is one Nasiyan Jain Temple which is located about 5km from here. Taragarh Fort is the most interesting fort here. It lies 5km from the town. A tour around the fort costs Rs. 200 on auto and 300 in a taxi. It would be worth visiting this magnificently designed fort.

“ When I entered the Dargah, Kawaalis were on. The entire environment took me to a new plight which was so holistic and spiritual. It is difficult for me to comprehend those moments” added Hamida Bano.
Ajmer Sherif
Ajmer Urs
Ajmer Urs, a festival which breaks the tags of religion and caste is a must watch on your Ajmer tour travel. The festival is held on 25 th Janamdi-ul-Akhir (sixt lunar month) in the month of May and take place for six days in continuation. On these days, you would see a unique cultural upliftment when poets from all sector of India collect and recite a composition dedicated to Khwaja.

Look Beyond Ajmer Sharief
Anasagar Lake
A Manmade Lake constructed by Maharaja Aniji in 1950 and there by is one of the famous attractions of Ajmer.

Taragarh Fort :
Just 8 kms from Ajmer Sharief. Taragarh fort is must watch on your Ajmer expedition.

Cherishable Memories
The time spent here would be fruitful .You would like to stay here and hear to the paens sung in the memories of Khwaja Mouiddin.

“ I am in awe with dargah, I cannot forget it all my life. If I would get a chance or when the Khwaja Sahib would call me, I would again visit the place” Habiba verbalized her emiotions.

Travellers Factoid
Getting There
By Air : Nearest airport is Jaipur, which is 131 kms
By Rail : Ajmer is the major rail head
By Road : Well connected with all the major towns and cities
Excursions : Pushkar

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