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{Way to Angling}
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AnglingPatience - the word strictly associated with the soft adventure known as Angling. Angling is a passion for some people and for some it is an addiction. Slip away countless hours sitting in a same posture in search of fish is something seems very irksome act but in reality it is unlimited fun one can enjoy without loosing much except time.

India is angler’s paradise. There is unlimited fun , a mysterious pleasure, and concentration all these associated with angling. Fishing in various rivers and lakes in the ferine forests of India is sort of adventure that is unique in its own way. Or angling in the serene valley of Jammu and Kashmir in a backdrop of Himalayas is an excellent way of relaxing. Rivers, which meanders through the forested regions of Karnataka offer a delighted adventure for nature lovers. The country has a vast range of rivers, streams and lakes to satisfy angling freaks. Major rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, the Brahmaputra, the Mahanadi and different tributaries of Ganga are the home of various type of fishes such as, trout, rohu, goonch catfish, and mahseer known as ultimate fighting species on the planet. For many anglers catching up freshwater mahseer is only a dream come true. Not only fresh water but India 3000 km long coastline, which harbor marine fishes like mackerel, marlin and sea bass. Most of the Indian states have well organized department of fisheries and there special sanctuaries and hatcheries are made in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and other states. The river Sind and Lidder in Kashmir is famous for some the finest mountain river trouts. A very demanding spot where angler can spend hours hoping to catch the best while swollen rivers with ice flow through furrowed sheerer.

Best time for fishing in India is October to November while venturing into the Himalayan region in the month of April to June is the best time enjoy.

Stirring Spots

Tirthan Valley: When comes to leisure sports like fishing, calm valley of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best in India. snow capped mountains and natural beauty is simply spellbinding. Tirthan valley is quiet and cool and plenty of good option for angling near Sereolesar lake side.

AnglingThe Ramganga and Koshi Rivers : It is located at Corbett National Park in the heart of Uttarakhand. This place is anglers paradise where you can find the notorious mahseer and famous goonch fish. Apart from angling you can watch elephants, tigers, deers and other animals come to refresh in the river.

The Sarju And Eastern Ramganga Rivers: This exotic location is located in the state of Uttarakhand. There are two angling tours. First one starts from river Sarju on the way to Pindari Glacier and the second one starts from eastern Ramganga and end to Deval, bans and Rameshwar.

Angling in Goa: Angling in Goa surely a memorable experience where you can find both fresh water and salt water fishes. The common catches are cat fishes and lady fishes. Angling in tidal rivers is joyous and worth to be experienced.

Angling in Assam: One of the major destinations of fishing is on the rocks of Brahmaputra river in the state of Assam. Other river you can strive on are Jia Bharoli river, Kapili, Manas and Bhalukpung.

Travel Equipments

Barbed metal hook at the end of nylon or Dacron line
A wood
Metal rod
Waterproof shoes and light sandal
Light hat
During winter woolen clothes or preferably a light jacket is must
Dark glasses

Invaluable Suggestions

Maintain the purity of the sport.

Understand the local regulations and customs.

Careful about biodiversity.

Don’t hampered the endangered species, if you catch it, release it immediately.

Respect the environ. Fishing is mostly done in a pristine area. So, don’t let the place dirty.

Character of climate is highly desultory. So, check the waterfront regularly for any considerable changes.

Keep fishing knives sharp and do not let it naked when it is not in use.

Preserve the sport fishing traditions

Travellers Factoid
Quick Facts About Fish And Fishing

Ideally summer is for fishing. Cloud cover, turbidity, rain and cooler air masses will all cause cooling, stimulating fish movement in summer. Weather that has a warming effect on water may also set off increased activity.

Wind also a good parameter for fishing. Wind direction does seem to affect fishing.

Be persistent, vary your bait, keep them moving and do not spend more than 15 minutes in one location unless you are catching fish. Do these things, and you'll increase your chances for success.

Practice working lures in shallow water to observe their action.

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