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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

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Code : ITT-21
Duration : 10 DAYS/09 NIGHTS
Destination Coverd : Delhi - Lucknow - Balrampur - Kushinagar - Patna - Bodhgaya - Varanasi.

Buddhism takes its name from Siddaratha Gautama who was revered by his disciples as the " Buddha" or the "awakened one". Buddha is derived from the sanskrit word "Buddhi" that is "relating to intellect or understanding." As a school of Indian speculative thought founded by Siddhartha which was developed into Monstic order. We as a travel agent help you discover the fascinating Buddhist sites of India.
Detailed Itinerary
Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Day 1 : Arrive Delhi
You would land on Delhi International airport and from there you would be escorted by our tour executive who would take you to your prebooked hotel. On way to your hotel, you would see an intresting mix of contemporary modern vilas and slums as well.

At the hotel entrance you would be get a traditional Indian welcome and would be served with a welcome drink. The hotel staff would transfer your baggage to the room and yours keys would be handed over. Spend your night at the hotel which we have chosen according to your needs and choice.

Day2 : Delhi
On the second day, we would be doing sightseeing tour and would start exploring travel attractions. We would board the bus, after breakfast. This would be guided tour and our guide would narrate you its past and present as you come across each tourist spot. In the evening, a shopping spree would end your day tour. We would try to visit the nearest possible market as we understand that you would be quite tired and would like to relax and chill. Dinner would be served as and when desired by you. Your platter would be adorned with delicies which you would like to have in your dinner. Soon after dinner, you would head towards your room and sleep tight.

Day3 :Lucknow
From Delhi to Lucknow, we would be taking up a flight. This would give you time. You would land in the morning and then board the cab/coach for further movement . Our tour executive would be a great help. We would have already schedule your entire day itinerary and all you have to do is follow our guidelines. Hotel in Lucknow would be booked according to your need and desire. Then from Lucknow we would we would leave for Sravasti via Balrampur. This buddhist destination is 297 kms from Lucknow and would take up a train journey to reach the destination. By noon we would be there and then all we would do is explore the place. Not to worry, we would have our lunch and only then would our expedition start. Sravasti is a popular Buddhist destination and it is this place where Lord Budhha have shown number of miracles. In fact, you cannot miss this place if you are on Buddhist itinerary. Night are meant for sleep and we would exactly do the same.
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Day4 : Lumbini
In the morning, your breakfast would be laid on the table. Pieces of toast, Omelete, Juice would suffice your hunger. Complete your breakfast and then leave for Lumbini. This is the place where Lord Buddha took his first breath. Infact it forms an important Buddhist pilgrimage destination. Here you have stupas which depicts the existence of Lumbini as a Buddhist sites. From Lumbini, we would leave for Kushinagar by a cab/ coach on the same day. We would have to resort in Lumbini as there are ample of sites to watch. Overnight stay in Lumbini hotel.

Day 5 : Lumbini
This day we would see the sunrise in Lumbini. As for an expedition is concerned, we would go for a sightseeing tour which would involve exploration of sites like Mathakur Sites, Ramabhar stupa, Kushinagar museum. But before that we would have our breakfast. Entire day we would hip hop from one place to another. We would spend out night in the resort itself. Sleep tight as the next morning we would leave for Lumbini. Overnight stay in the resort.

Day 6 : Vaishali
LGet up early in the morning, and then leave for Vaishali, another important Buddhist pilgrimage destination. Vaishali is a birthplace of Lord Mahavira and is one of the Buddha's favorite spot. Ashokan Pillar, the Lion Pillar at kolhua are few tourist spots which we would like you to explore. All morning we would be capturing one site to another. After lunc, we would go to The Institute for research into Buddhism and Pali literature, one of its kind which houses rare manuscripts. We would also visit Archeological Museum and in the evening , we would survey the markets. Madhubani Paintings are quite popular here. Purchase it from a Handloom showroom which keeps good quality handicrafts.Later return to the resort to have our food. Overnight stay in the resort.

VaranasiDay 7 :Bodhgaya
In the morning, we would leave to Bodhgaya. Enroute would fall two another pilgrimage destination - Rajgir and Bodhgaya. Both these destinations are rich in revered spots. Monasteries and temples carry imposing Buddhist and Hindu images. Bodhgaya is one of the holiest Buddhist pilgrimage site known for housing a ' Bodhi' tree. We would also visit Magdha university museum. In the afternoon, we would be would be stolling the city and would know more about it from the localites. Our guide would be there and he would be helping you out each step you would take. Overnight stay in the resort.

Day 8 : Varanasi
With the rays of the dawn shimmering across the ganges, the high banks, the temples and the shrine along the banks are bathed in a golden hue as soul tirring hymns and mantas, pierce the morning calm. Though a physical journey to a scared destination for the salvation of soul. If you would say what all you could see here, then I have a list which is quite long. The city is famous for its rich tapestary of music, arts,crafts and education. The city have a long list of attractions and we would want you to explore it. The magnificent ghats and the terrains were just the best to see Varanasi. We would have booked your hotel in Varanasi where you could actually resort to. Overnight stay in the resort.

Day 9 :Varanasi
This day we would exclusively cover the ghats of Varanasi. Ganges is a beautiful river and it beckons pilgrims from India and the entire World. Watch Varanasi ghats where the pilgrims descend down the stairs for the ritual bath and perform the most sacred oblation and rites in the scenic environs. In the morning, we would have a boat ride on the river Ganges. Then we would stroll the streats of Varanasi. An astrologer would forcast your future and then we would return to our hotel and pack our bags. In the evening, a cultural show showcasing the local cultural songs and dances. Your meal would be served on time. Return to the resort for an overnight stay.

Day 10 :Back home
Next morning, we would leave for Delhi for our onward journey.We have tried to make this Buddhist pilgrimage tour to make your tour comfortable. We have provided you with a guide who would help you out in a best way possible.
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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour