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Camel Safari

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Camel SafariCamel Safari through the Great Indian Desert is the right dose for any adventurer who dare to think beyond veritable ventures. In the vast desolate desert, camel safari is a real test where you are always on the toes to face the extremes that keeps on inflame your grit and determination. You can have an option to choose less rigorous path but true fun is to accept the challenges run in the brutal Thar desert.

‘Ship of the desert’, a well suitable metaphor for the ubiquitous humped –back grotesque animal, which is often eulogized as a lifeline of the desert. Apparently, a camel safari seems a soft adventure but it is tough enough and almost run out your energy at some extreme situations. Camel safari is not new phenomenon as villagers often travel long distance on the back of travel but for a tourist who want to explore the villages and intriguing about the beauty of desert, is something very memorable. One can pass through the desert with some halt at remote villages and get a close look on the life style,culture and warm hospitality of the people. Also experience two extreme temperature when day hit by scorching heat and nights are equally chill, camel safari something never to forget.

There are varieties of options, the choice is yours whether you choose a short trek around desert kingdom of Jaisalmer or Jaipur or take a long safari all around the mighty Thar desert. Traveling through the Thar desert gives a royal ardor where you can easily have a fancy view of leading a caravan on a hostile route. You can also discover the immemorial secrets of desert. Overall an adventure with a difference you want to see it through till the end.

Stirring Spots

Safari In Rajasthan:Camel Safari are organized in the vast desert of Thar . Thar is a world of its own and the safari can be lasted for 4 to 15 days. The best camel safari can be arranged around the beautiful cities Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner and chasing to the unimaginable Thar desert. You have another option to take route along the desert heartland of Shekhawati region and explore the trivial but rich town of Ramgarh, Nawalgarh, Dundlod, Churu and mandawa.

Camel SafariChambal Safari: Less illustrious but surely a fine attraction is a Eco-friendly safari in the valley of Chambal located on the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Apart from camel safari you can also cruising through the turbulent Chambal river for 30 km and get a close glimpse of gharials and crocodiles. Don’t forget to see the marvelous Atar Fort on the back of camel.

Camel Safari In Ladakh: If you think camel can be only meant of transport in scorching land, you are wrong. Camel is a chief mode of transport in the cold deserts of Ladakh. Traveling on double-humped bacterian camel and explore through the rugged valley of Nubra can be fascinating equally. You can see the Buddhist monasteries and tiny villages in the backdrop of exquisite Himalaya.

Travel Equipments

In Rajasthan desert days are hot and nights are cold. So, woolen as well as light cotton clothes must be packed.

Warm sleeping bag is recommended

A sun hat is must to protect from blistering heat.

A pair of sunglasses.

A good sunscreen lotion with a high SPF values.

Always carry extra blanket.

Plenty of portable water.

Invaluable Suggestions

Always book a camel safari trip in the Thar desert with prior reservations and check them before your adventure.

Always carry plenty of back up portable water to avoid dehydration.

Avoid exposing your skin too much as you may suffer with sun burns.

You must wear modestly as the safari passes through different villages, which are extremely conservative.

Maintain the ethos of Eco-tourism. Don’t leave a trail of rubbish on desert.

Before starting your journey, eat plenty and drink at least 2- 4 liters of water.

Avoid alcohol during your journey as alcohol dehydrate your body fast.

Travellers Factoid
Camel Safari In Rajasthan

Safari Through Thar Desert
Duration of safari can be from 4 to 15 days. Special camel safaris are also organised round Pushkar and Nagaur in the winter season of October to March, when these two cities have their popular cattle fairs

Best Locations For The Camel Safari
Camel safaris start from Jaisalmer, which is well connected by air, train and road to the rest of India. Also you can starts from Jaipur , which is well connected to the major cities of India. All camel-safari towns in Rajasthan, such as Bikaner and Mandawa, are connected by road to Jaipur.

Things To Bring: Camel safaris are generally arrange in winter. Therefore, you require proper woolen clothes. You will also need to carry beds, sleeping bags, blankets. During daytime, you require sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, first aid box and lots of water.

Organize Your Camel Safari:Number of tour operators and travel agents organize camel safari. You can either book your tour via internet or you can find many operators in the neighborhood of Jaisalmer, Osian, Bikaner and Khimsar.

Safari With Us: We can arrange your tour operation from anywhere between 2 to 7 days,or longer upto one month. Shorter trip just for a day long, only a glimpse of Desert can be also arranged.

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