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Churches Of Goa

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Churches of GoaGoa is the Rome of East because of its magnificence churches and cathedrals built during the Portuguese occupation. Churches are the most visible structures and amazing architectural wealth scattered through out the Goan landscape. From the freeways that leads to Goan capital Panaji, these desolate churches conspicuously give their ubiquitous presence in the beautiful backdrop of a clear blue sky. Most of the churches are catholic churches, few of them belongs to Protestants. Churches are specially renowned for fabulous architecture and historical importance.

Churches in Goa were built during the Portuguese invasion(16th and 17th century AD) with a typical style of Renaissance and Baroque style. Churches are famous and a matter of study among the architects for its emblematic Christian architecture. Flaunting with tired facade, framed with columns and pilasters, Churches are undoubtedly next best thing after beaches. For its exemplary richness churches of Goa have found place in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“ After exploring some of the obscure churches in Goa, i'm totally spellbound by the architecture of it.” said John Ambury on his visit to Goa in the year 2007.

Famous Churches

Church Of Our Lady Of Rosary
One of the oldest churches built in Goa. It is located on a hill, which affords a panoramic view of its surroundings including the Mandovi river. The church was constructed in 1526 and the edifice remains much the same as the original one. It belongs to the first period of Portuguese church architecture. The church is in a remote place, it is not in use and inside is bare.

Goa's Priest stands on International Arean.
With the acute shortfall of priests in Britain, it seems like a role reversal of history when Indian priests from the churches of Goa helped to boost tapering church faithfuls in Britain.

Churches Of GoaSe Cathedral
The chapel built in purist Tucson and Doric style and remained as it was originally constructed. It is a small one with the main edifice being of laterite stone. A service is held once a year and otherwise it remains closed. Inside of church is breathtaking Mosaic-Corinthian style. There is no altar or other ornamentation in the church.

St. Francis Of Assisi
Among the notable churches in old Goa is that of St. Francis Of Assisi. It contains the perhaps the most beautiful work of religious art of the 17th century. One of the renowned architectural wonder is an old gate made of black stone and beautifully carved, one of the rare Portuguese architecture that exist in India.

Saint Cajetan Church
In old Goa another church, which is very striking and merits a visit is that of St. Cajetan. It is much newer than most of the other churches. Despite of its small structure, architecturally it is one of the beautiful churches of Goa. The xternal architecture is Corinthian and the interior Mossaic-Corintihian. The cupola presents a majestic appearance, and with windows right around the dome, the interior of the church is always bright.

Nunnery Of Saint Monica
Once a real monastery, this is very large three –storied building. The oldest nunnery in the east, started with few inmates and assumed very great importance and significance with time.

Basilica Of Bom Jesus
St. Francis Xavier ventured into India to preach Christianity. After his death in the coast of China, he brought back to India but amazingly his body didn’t decompose. Basilica of Bom Jesus preserve the the body of St. Francis Xavier that is why it is particular very significant church in Goa. Altar of Basilica is beautifully embellished but the interior is simple. One of the attraction is a modern art gallery that is attached with Basilica. In the year 2001 the holy relic of St. Francis Xavier would be installed at the renovated st Francis Xavier's church at kaloor in the city.

Invaluable Suggestions

Serious planning is needed to roam around Goa. There are variety of options like buses, rental cars, motorcycle taxis and even rented bikes. Judge you vehicle according to the budget.

Best time to visit Goa is from November to February.

Beware of touts and agents while roaming on different parts of Goa.

Many of churches demand a modest dress. Goa’s women wear scarf while visiting a church, it is advisable to do the same.

Goa is notorious for drug trafficking. Beware of the net, anyone breach the law can be booked for life imprisonment.

Do not take a snap of churches without a prior permission.

Travellers Factoid
Getting There
By Air : Indian Airlines has direct flights from Delhi and Mumbai daily. Dabolim is the main entry point for Goa
By Rail : You can take trains from Delhi 1,874 km), Mumbai (490km), and Bangalore (430 km) to reach Goa comfortably.
By Road : Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka state transport corporations operate from the Kadamba bus stand at Panaji. Frank Shipping operates a boat service between Mumbai and Panaji.
For Your Stay in Goa : Hotels in Goa

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Many thanks to John Ambury, who shared his experience with us.
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