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Indian Cobra

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Indian CobraIndian cobra is a one of the most venomous snake in the world and are profusely found in Indian subcontinent. Cobras are famous and unique for displaying their beautiful hoods. Cobras are for long time revere in Indian mythology and culture and in some parts of India,people worship the snake like any other god. The cobras are highly venomous and a dangerous snakes. They mostly feed on rodents,lizards and frogs. They are agile and efficient hunter, Indian cobras produce haemotoxic poison thats mean it directly effect on the blood and block the blood supply to the heart. The poison is very potent and can results in fatality in 30-60 minutes.

Spectacle cobra get its name by a nice spectacle type of design on its rear part of their hood. They are considered more intelligent than most of other snakes and also very adaptive. They are mostly found in rain forests or bamboo forests but with the destruction of natural habitat they are now often found in the agricultural land and human inhabitants. Spectacle cobras are oviparous, lays large number of eggs, usually in the hollow of trees or any secure place safe by predator like eagles and vultures. The female cobra guard the eggs and only leaving to feed. The incubation period lasts for 48 to 69 days. Baby cobras hatched out from eggs are also poisonous and agile from the beginning. They first shed their skin within 50-60 days.

Size And Physical Characteristics

The Indian cobra is one of the beautiful snakes among other poisonous snakes. They are recognizable by the wide black band on the underside of their neck and the on rear side of hood shows half rings on the either side. Smooth scaled with frozen black eyes easily paralyzed anyone. The Indian cobra grow from 1.8 m to 2.2m and vary with color mostly black also found in dark brown and cream coloration. The venom gland of cobra is actually their salivary gland and they bite to their prey they actually forces the venom through their fangs by exerting muscular pressure on the venom glands. When threatened, Indian cobra shows its typical posture with raising to its one third of its body and elongate its hood. The single ring cobra are found in Indian states of Assam and Eastern Indian states. Double ring cobra is found in many parts of India like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and down south Indian states like Andhra Pradesh.

In India almost every year more than 10000 people are died of cobra’s bite

Indian CobraIndian Cobra In India

Parassinkkadavu Snake Park- The place is about 16 km from Kannur town in Kannur district of north Kerala. The park is rich with numerous type of snakes specially famous for spectacled cobra, king cobra, russell viper and many other poisonous varieties. There is a live show everyday when trained personnel play with different variety of snakes and give answers to all the quest about mythical fears and superstitions about cobras.

Guindy National Park – This park is located in the Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. The park is the smallest of all the national park of India. Guindy national park is renowned for its snake park. Snake is located just to Guindy national park. Where one can see the type of snakes ferocious, beautiful and rare. Main attraction is king cobra. Besides that python, viper and different vartiety of cobras are also found in this park. There is also children park inside the park and the place is appropriate for picnic.

Snake Park In Pune - In the midst of bustle city of pune, a park, which is fully dedicated to snakes is quite unimaginable. Located in Pune Satara highway, the park is a home of snakes, reptiles, birds and turtles. It house more 160 various species of snakes. Snakes are kept in a pit and you can actually feel the sensation because of the close proximity with the snakes. The main attraction is nine feet long king cobra. Also inside the park there is a library where you can get all the information about the snakes. Also festivals and different programs on snakes happe inside the park in regular basis.

Namdapha National Park - The park is situated in Arunachal Pradesh that spread in an area of 1,850-sq-kms rugged terrain. The park is not much renowned but a great biodiversity of flora and fauna. The lush green growth of canes, bamboos, wild bananas cover the place. the place is also home of many deadly cobras. The rain forest is a breeding ground for many species of snakes specially Indian cobra.

Facts About Indian Cobra

Class: Reptiles
Diet: Small mammals, reptiles, amphibian
Size: Body:1.8 - 2.2 m (6 - 7 1/4 ft)
Scientific Name: Naja naja
Habitat: Rainforest, Rice fields, Cultivated land
Range: India, Central Asia, Southeast Asia
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