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Kerala Ayurveda

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Kerala AyurvedaKerala keeps the 5000 years old tradition of Ayurveda (Ancient form of medicine in India) in its most authentic form. Long lineage of traditional practitioners of Ayurveda, insightful researchers and scholars, have made Ayurveda in Kerala a very special stream, which is a very popular health care system. Abundance of tropical herbs in Kerala has made Ayurvedic preparations from Kerala, the most sought after all round the world.

The Ayurvedic remedies act as a rejuvenating system for the body, mind and soul by strengthening the power of resistance and promote healing. Ayurveda is conducive to your health, provides you with new vital energy, prevents and corrects the ageing process. Ayurveda treatment helps combat chronic illnesses and at the same time frees you from psychological burdens. Massage treatment and Rasayana chikilsa are contributions of Kerala. The massage treatment promotes better circulation of blood in the system and it removes causes of fatigue. Another form of monsoon treatment is Rasayana chikilsa - the Ayurvedic treatment for preventing and curing feebleness of the body.

“ This was the only thing for which I planned my tour to Kerala. I had heard a lot about it and was an imprtant in making my decision to make Kerala, my holiday destination” said Peter Joseph , when he was asked what he thinks about Ayurveda.

Alzheimer's and Ayurveda:
Alzheimer is one of the dreadful disease and scientists from UK and India are trying to find Ayurvedic medicine which could cure it. Researchers have framed that Ayurveda works alike conventional drug by boasting the mental agility in the disease. A plant used in Ayurveda act to improve the memory and concentration in Alzheimer's sufferers..

Treatments For
Ayurveda has treatment for almost all types of diseases such as arthrosis, arthritis, muscle tenseness, restriction of movement, disturbances of the vegetative nervous system such as disturbed sleep, nervousness, exhaustion, tiredness, excitability or irritability, migraine and other forms of headache, heart ailments connected to nervousness,high blood pressure, depression, chronic inflammation such as paranasal sinus inflammation, bronchitis, inflammation of the bladder, susceptibility to colds, skin deseases like eczema, psoriasis, skin allergy, asthma, stomach or intestinal disorders, overweight or nicotine misuse.

Cherishable Memories
Kerala Ayurveda is famous world over and it can give you a healing touch which you need to experience on your travel.

“ I have some memorable moments . I rejuvenated my body, mind and soul through the treatments I took when I was in Kerala.” summarized Peter Joseph.

Kerala Ayurveda in US
Just in order to expand Kerala Ayurveda brand in US, Katra Group of Company launches 10 new Ayurvedic Academics under the flagship of institute 'Ayu'.

Travellers Factoid
Getting There
Kerala Ayurveda By Air : Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the state, is very well connected to all major airports in India like Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai. Kochi and Calicut are other two airports connected from air to other cities in India.
By Rail : With around 200 railway stations, it is another convenient mode of traveling in Kerela. Railways connect most of the places in the state to places in the other parts of the country and inside the state. Long-distance express trains connect to almost all places outside the state like Mumbai, New Delhi.
By Road : Road traveling in Kerala is much smoother because of the good condition of he roads. Also state is connected with other parts of South India by a number of National Highways. Major modes of road transport are buses, tourist taxis, cars, and local taxis and autos.

Best Time to Visit
June, July and August months are the ideal months for ayurvedic treatment as the pores of the skin permits maximum absorption of ayurvedic medicine and oils. Monsoon season is the best period for ayurvedic treatment.

Where to Stay : Kerala Hotels, Ayurvedic Spa Resorts

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We are obliged that Peter Joseph a doctor in Australia, took out time from his busy schedule to give his notes
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