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Taj MahalRed Fort, Agra

Know India

This land situated in the south-eastern part of the Asian continent has been the favourite destination for the travellers since time immemorial, be it in the form of tourists, historians, saints or barbaric invaders. Mere words are not enough to describe the splendour of this ancient land of divinity, of diverse ethnicities and cultures, of religions, of languages, of fascinating monuments and much more!!! The Indian experience unfolds in all its hues and shades as one sets out to explore this land of ethereal beauty.

Wherever you dare to tread, adventure and leisure awaits in every nook and corner of this splendid land. Come, feel the wonder that is India!!

ITB with India
International Travel Borse (ITB) Berlin is holding world's largest travel trade show where India would be the main focus. India in turn would be the partner country and the event would be held from 7 to 11 March 2007. “As the partner country of ITB 2007, India will be organising the opening ceremony with an attractive supporting programme of cultural events on the eve of the fair, which many leading figures from politics and business will attend”, said Mr.A. K. Misra,Secretary, Ministry of Tourism.

Travel Tip
India is rooted with culture and tradition and thereby people of India are quite hospitable. They consider Guest as God ( Athithi Devo Bhavo ). So just in order to keep their religious and social integrity, please see that you don't do anything which annoying. Check on the clothes that you wear; don't use abusive language; don't do things which would hurt their religious sentiments. Keep this small things in mind and we are sure that your trip to India would be an experience by itself.
Trivandrum, KeralaGetaways Of The Month - Trivandrum
"Capital city of Kerala makes its presence felt in the minds of visitors. Enamoring the state of Kerala, Trivandrum is the second name to " Tiru-anantha-puram". Enjoy your stay in Trivandrum which is supposed to be one of the best places of Andhra Pradesh. The city host number of attractions in its vicinity, some are big , some are small but each one of them induces their charm. Embark your tour to Trivandrum and see what it has got. You would probably experience the best of Indian destination and would salute to its beauty.

Best Season : Oct to Feb
Must SeeYou cannot miss them as Trivandrum Backwaters are some thing to experience. Navigating on the water streets, you would come across the varied topography of the city. Take time out to experience it.
The Indian Splendor
All over the globe, India is known for its monumental heritage coming from the ancient ages. You would be indeed bedazzled by the charm of these edifices which were constructed thousands of years ago. These are our special attraction of India:

Taj Mahal
Kerala Backwaters
Palace On Wheels
Hawa Mahal
Khajuraho Temples
Pushkar Mela
Konark Temple
Lake Palace
Taj Mahal, Agra

Come and be a part of this India which is beautiful, amazing, adventourous and thrilling. We promise that you won't be dissappointed after seeing a glimpse on any of the above mentioned attraction.

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