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Konark Sun Temple

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Konark Sun TempleKonark, made up of 'Kona' and 'arka', meaning the corner and the sun respectively, is a place of the Sun god. The temple to the Sun God built in the 13th century was representative of the Chariot of the Sun with 12 pairs of huge wheels and 7 horses. The masterpiece of Orissan architecture, the temple is filled up of vibrant and attractive sculptural work.

Sun god was in vogue in ancient times and was regarded as the supreme lord of the universe and the prime object of life giving energy, being the healer of diseases and bestower of desires. It is believed that Gods like Sun and Shiva themselves had performed penance in this Arka Kshetra to get rid of their sins.

“ To be frank, I had many expectations from Konark sun temple as I had read a lot about it. So when I planned my tour for Eastern India, Konark Temple was just that.” divulges Suzaane, who explored Orissa in the year 2005.

The Architectural Extravaganza
The Temple Chariot of the Sun God (Black Pagoda) on the vast stretch of sand is crowning piece of Orissan architecture and sculpture, which is on the World Heritage list of the U.N.O.

Konark Sun Temple has been an inspiration to many temples of your days. But in todays time, Orissa Government is planning to built another Sun temple, whose architecture would be a blend of Kadambas and Chalukyas. The new temple would not as Good as the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES but would be a product of inspiration. The temple will not be a replica of Sun temple
Known to be built by the Ganga Dynasty ruler, Narasimha Dev (1238-64), on the shallow waters of the Bay of Bengal, it has a distance of 2 km from the sea, but originally the ocean came almost up to its base.

Popular belief has it that the temple had crunched 12 years revenues of the state. A soaring 27 feet height of the temple exceeds all the temples of similar type.
Konark Sun Temple
The main temple complex consists of a sanctuary, its attached porch (Jagamohan) and an isolated pillared edifice. The twelve pairs of wheel, which possibly symbolize the twelve months, are carved against the three sides of the platform and two side, of the front (east) staircase.

Exquisite sculptures covering many aspects of life could be seen on the Mukhashala (entrance hall), which serves as a major attraction to the tourists. Though the Dance Hall and the Audience Hall are intact the main chamber is in its ruins. Thousands of images decorating the walls include deities, celestial and human musicians, dancers, lovers, and various scenes of the then life, ranging from hunts and military battles to the pleasure relaxation.

Birds, animals (two thousand elephants around the base), mythological creatures, and other botanical and geometrical decorative designs also share their space on the walls. The visitors also heavily seek exquisite erotic art on the walls, expression of antique and magnificent Orissan sculpture. The three main images of Surya carved in an almost metallic green chlorite stone on the northern, western, and southern facades of the temple tower are beautiful beyond imagination.

The Feburary Zeal - Konark Dance Festival
The cultural cognoscenti are lured to the Konark Dance Festival organized here every year. The Sun temple museum houses some of the sculptures recovered from the ruins and is also a place worth visit.

Not To Forget
  • Aarti : You just cannot forget to attend the Aarti which is held here every evening.
  • Beach Stroll: When the beach is so near, you just cannot happened to miss it. A walk on the sands of Orissa with a moist wind calming your senses would give you a transcendental experience.
  • Coconut water and Shopping: Just close to the shore line , you would find number of shops selling shell jewellery and Orissan artifacts. Don't forget to catch a glimpse of them while sipping a coconut water. One coconut would cost in between RS 10 - RS 20.

Cherishable Memories
Konark temple is just the great temple to stay on. You would actually love to explore Konark temple when you are in Orissa. As for what it offers is a thing to be experienced.
Konark Sun Temple
“ I still owe a lot to Konark temple as for it has given me some innumerable meories which lasts for lifetime. I still behold so ecstacies which you need to feel.” concluded Suzzane.

Travellers Factoid
Getting There
The temples is 35 kms from Puri and 65 kms from Konark
By Air : The most convenient link into Orissa is a flight to Bhubaneshwar. Indian Airlines has flights from Hyderabad, Nagpur, Calcutta, Delhi, Raipur, Varanasi, Mumbai and Chennai.
By Rail : Train connections from all parts of the country exist, but are usually long and the non - availability of air-conditioned class travel is a constraint.
By Road : Once in Bhubaneshwar, road travel is the best option, to visit the other attractions in Orissa.

Also known as : “ The Black Pagoda”
Excursions From Konark: Puri
Many thanks to Suzanne, who shared her experience with us.

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