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{Way to Meditation}
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MeditationFacing everyday challenges is more than climbing to the higher peak or dangling on a cliff to pacify your rushing adrenaline. Its all about attitude that thwart day to day obstacles of life. Everything depends on our mental strength. Our mind is complex and thoughts are scattered and need to be reduced to one. Meditation is just a process to attain that stage. Its seems people often mix up meditation with prayer or worship. One can meditate through prayer and worship but it is not obligatory. Meditation is a way of life, its an awareness or simply concentration. One can meditate while working in the office, while traveling or anywhere. In a simple way, one has to converge thoughts inward to a single point of reference. Meditation is an intellectual exercise and help to put all the vacillating brain waves into one point, resulting a more composed intellectual growth and mollify the disturbance to an extent.

Meditation is not a new concept. Almost all the religion mentioned meditation in their text in the form of prayer or any other form. Hinduism is perhaps the oldest religion, which asserted meditation as a spiritual and religious practice. Yoga is one form of meditation that caters both physical and mental development. Not only Hinduism but several other religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism also practice mediation in various forms. The process is different but the goal is same that is to attain trance state and to control the mind.

India is always being a beguiling state for its mystic meditation practice and yoga. Indian gods and goddesses depicting sitting in a meditative pose. There are ashrams and meditation centers that teaches meditation practices and give lessons on mind and its different process. People from every walk of life attain the session and assuage their mind from daily stress. Meditation also proven as alternative therapy now a days when people suffering from blood pressure, asthma, insomnia, and other physical and emotional problem. Therefore, large number of people seek shelter to meditation therapy to relieve their agony. There are centers in India like Chennai, Rishikesh, Kerala and Bihar where people are offered detoxifying therapy, which is combination of meditation and yoga that help to build a sound physical and mental well being.

Meditation Techniques

Concentrative Meditation- It is form of meditation that focuses on breath or any image or some music. In order to calm the mind, one has to focus on the particulars and bring awareness.

MeditationZen - Based Meditation- The method is also known as zazen, which emphasis on practice and existence wisdom. The process is same but the moto behind meditation is different.
Yoga Nidra Meditation- It is perhaps the best form of meditation when body attain a stage of half sleeping and half awaking. It relax the body to the fullest. But also its is the most difficult part of meditation technique..

Mindfulness Meditation- Mindfulness technique allows people to aware about the thoughts and actions intentionally. For example when you are meditating and deep breath, you literally think about deep breathing. It also apply for abstract thoughts like happiness, liberations etc.

One Minute Meditation- Close your eyes, let throw all thoughts, take four deep through your nose in one minute, relax your body while exhaling. This is all about one minute meditation, which rejuvenate your body instantly.

Twin Heart Meditation- It is an advance level meditation technique and should be learnt properly from the master before practicing it. It is a technique to achieve spiritual oneness. Children under the age of 12 shouldn’t practice this technique.

Vipassana Meditation – It is the oldest technique of meditation discovered by Buddha. It is non secretarian in characteristic and has universal application. Technique depends on direct experience and observation.

Indian Meditation Destinations

Leh and Ladakh

Invaluable Suggestions

In meditation breathing is important. Breathing normally and it has to be in a calm move.

In your daily life also try to maintain some discipline. While working, sit straight and concentrate fully whatever you do.

Do thing naturally and in an unforced manner.

Contemplate your daily work before sleeping.

Try to avoid intoxications like alcohol and smoking. It stimulates artificially a particularly part of your brain, longterm stimulation is harmful.

Meditation evokes positive power. So try to be positive and avoid being cynical.

Food is very important part of human life. So eat sensibly.

Travellers Factoid
List of Relevant Meditation Institutes In India

Vipassana International Academy
Postbox No. 6, Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri 422403, Disst. Nasik Nasik,
India Yoga Centre

Academy of Meditation World Centre of Spiritual Regeneration Movement
Sankaracharya Nagar P.O. Swaraagashram Rishikesh,
India Yoga Centre

Brahma Kumario Ishwari Vidyalaya Meditation Centre
Pandav Bhavan Mt. Abu

Institute of Physic & Spiritual Research
11, Sarsdar Patel Marg New Delhi India
Yoga Institute

Tushita Meditation Centre
McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala Kangra District,
Himachal Pradesh 176 219 India

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