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Pushkar Fair Rajasthan11km away from Ajmer, lies a scared township which has been boastfully pronouncedas Pushkar. Winding through Nag Prahar (Snake Mountain), a jaunty road leads to an ancient lake which is revered by Hindus for centuries. This holy lake is believed to have emerged out of a lotus petal that fell into the valley from the hand of Hindu Lord Brahma. The pious water of the lake is a great purifier of mind as well as soul. Pushkar has 52 ghats (banks) and has lived ages. It has seen kingdoms rise and fall. From the time of Rama to Muslim invasions in India, Pushkar is one place which has retained its scantiness and a place in the heart of Hindus.

The most prominent of all is the Pushkar Mela which held annually here, in the month of Kartik(November), for five days. This auspicious festival is celebrated in Kartik month of lunar calender and starts from Ekadashi (11th Day in waxing period of moon) and continues till full moon night. Taking a dip in this holy lake is considered auspicious. It is the time, when folk dancers and musicians come here from different parts of Rajasthan and perform their traditional dances.

Pushkar mela is like Christmas Carnival in India. This five day Pushkar Mela is actually a conglomeration of two or three fairs. The mela basically includes a Cattle Fair, wherein, people from interior villages of Rajasthan come here for sale and purchase of their cattle. Horses, cows and camels stand in rows here, exhibiting their best breed and health; this is what they are prized for. The villagers come here with their cattle a week before the mela and decorate their animals best, in order to get a fair price. At Pushkar Mela one can see as many camels as one can imagine.

Navya from Canada on her first visit to Pushkar, “ Pushkar is much more than a Brahma valley. It is the most happening fair. Colours, heaps of white breed, music and food.. make this fair a class apart from others.”

Tug of War
In the year 2006, Tug of War was the major attractions amongst tourists as each one wanted to show their strength. Th e war was kept between tourists and Rajasthani men.

Pushkar Fair RajasthanThe Cultural Fiesta
In this exhibition ground, you will find local artisans selling some of the typical Rajasthani ornaments and articles of daily use. The entire town becomes dormitory during the fair. Two days before the festival, the town is closed for vehicles. So, you will be asked to park outside the towns and make a walking trail to this colorful festival of Rajasthan. A large number competitions are held during the festival. You may find villagers competing to tie huge turbans fastest . There are camel races and best camel prizes as well. Folk songs and dance performances lures travellers.

Day's galore of buying and selling comes to a halt in the evening as villagers keep an account of the transactions and have meals together. One thing that never halts is music. During evenings, these villagers play their traditional musical equipments and there is unique camel dance organized. If you are able to break away from your rest time, you will be enthralled to see camels dancing to the tunes of traditional musical instruments.

It would be very exciting to travel on a camel's back or hire a camel card to move around the town and capture some of the majestic moments in your camera. Villagers in Pushkar drink milk flavored with cardemum during nights. A man wearing most colorful turban can be found selling milk in corner of a street. This hot milk is served in earthen cups called, 'Kulhads' here. The tradition is to drink and break these Kulhads after finishing your hot flavored milk. Try take a few sips and you would definitely ask for more.

Navya further added “Awesome food. With their traditional Rajasthani food to any international food, it was all there for me to try. Then the Rajasthani folk music was foot tapping, I couldn't resist myslef and joined the gang of dancers to show my skills at that. As far shopping is concerned I purchased a vibrant colour Choli and Ghangra, a traditional Rajasthani dress, it js just like Skirt and blouse but with more glitter on it. Quite Jazzy but I love my piece."

After day's hard selling business and song and dance in the evening, it is time to sleep at Pushkar. Villagers offer thanks to their deities for day's profit. With a dream and wish for greater profits in coming days; villagers lay outside in open and sleep in the lap of their motherland signifying the ancestry that they live even today.

Pushkar Fair RajasthanCherishable Memories
Innumerable travellers have been enticed by the Pushkar Mela. They have praised it and seeks it an inimitable part of Rajasthani culture.

Navya comprehends “ I thought it is going to be any other fest in India. With hordes of unclean people and no arrangements. I was wrong, Pushkar Mela is a must watch. Everything here is well managed. Various tour companies organize have Pushkar mela package which tends to bring large number of foriegn tourists in this Mela.

Travellers Factoid
Getting There
By Air : You would land on Jaipur's Sanganer Airport. This is well connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jodhpur, Udaipur. Indian Airlines has air services to all these cities by a regular basis.
By Rail : Ajmer junction tends to form a nearest broad gauge line. It is well connected to all metro cities of India. From Delhi, you have Ajmer Shatabdi and from Mumbai - Arravali Express
By Road : 11 km from Ajmer and Rajasthan Roadways has bus services to all the major cities of the state as well as other North Indian cities.
By Local Transport : Cabs and taxis are available for travelling within the city.

Best Time to Visit : November

Excursion : Ajmer, Delhi

Many thanks to Navya (Canada) to give extracts of her visit to Pushkar in 2006.
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