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Rajgir and NalandaRajgir had and would hold an important niche, when we would refer to Buddhist sites in India. The Buddhist city, Rajgir, is famous all over the world due to the immense presence of Lord Buddha in Rajgir. He bestowed his blessing on the city in the forms of Buddhist teachings. Rajgir is Raja Griha and is 12 km away south of Patna. The city attains sanctity and great relevance over a period of time. His preaching still echoes in the air so much that you can actually feel Lord Buddha's presence the benign city.

Rajgir is also an important destination for Jains as they are most of the hills are toped by Digambara Shrines. It is a scenic and a picturesque destination where travellers get a sigh of relief from wordly pleasures.

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Gridhakuta Hills
This is an important seat where Buddha came across delivered number of sermons. It was this place where Budhha preachings were converted into manuscipts. Created by Japnese, Gridhakuta Hills in Rajgir , is reached by an impressive ropeway that take you to the top.

Bimbasara Jail
The Jail refurbish the memories of the most devoted Mauryan King Bambisara, who took his last breathe here. He was a Buddhist and he chose the place as he was able to see Grikhuta Hill to do his meditation.

Ajatashastru’s Fort
This is an yet another ‘ Pari Nirvana’ or the great Cessation of Buddha. This place shows that Buddha lies on the right side with the right forearm resting under his head and he commemorates the final salvation or ‘ Mukti’ of the great founder of the Buddhist faith.

Rajgir Saptdhara
It is the name given to hot springs and is supposed to have healing powers.

Look Beyond
Nalanda : 12 kms away away from Rajgir, Nalanda is an important buddhist destination of India.

Bodhgaya : 50 kms away from Rajgir, it is an important pilgrimage centre. Bodh Gaya resonates the silent vibes of those sacred steps which came their some 2500 years ago.

Gaya : Gaya is a Hindu pilgrimage and is especially important for the post death rituals, as it's believed that the rituals lead to a peaceful "moksha" of the dead soul.

Travellers Factoid
Getting there
By Air : The Nearest Airport is at Patna which is 100 kms away
By Rail : Bhakhtiyarpur, 54 kms forms the nearest railhead which connects Rajgir.
By Road : Rajgir is well connected by road to Patna and Bodh Gaya which is 70 kms away.

Best Time to Visit : October to March

Buddhist Destination in India : Nalanda, Bodhgaya, Sarnath

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