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Bhopal To Vidisha- An Offbeat Excursion New- Author: Atul Malhotra
Vidisha or Besnagar or old name Bhelsa is a city in Madhya Pradesh. The small village has rich ancient heritage, was an important trade center in the sixth and fifth century B.C. There are many ancient relics embellished the place. Atul Malhotra described Vidisha and its ancient heritage attractions in his well written article.

Understanding Turban New- Author: Vikas Jha
Vikas worte an article about the famous and ancient turbans, which is a heritage of India. He described all the aspects of turban, significance in different parts of India, important aspects of turban, different style and traditions of turbans in Rajasthan and Punjab.

Eco/Adventure Tourism In Madhya Pradesh New- Author: Rahul Srinivas
Rahul Srinivas wrote an article on Madhya Pradesh tourism and development. He mainly emphasised on state eco and adventure tourism potential. His article described various adventure spots plus popular tourist activities.

Madhubani - A Popular Rural Art Form New- Author: Sagar Chakraborty
Madhubani paintings are age old traditional art form of women living in the villages near Madhubani town in Bihar. Sagar Chakraborty, a writer visited this villages and wrote an extensive article on the culture, tradition, method of painting and the heritage of this ancient rich art of Bihar.

Sambhar Lake - An Abode Of Winged Visitor New- Author: Abhishek Choudhuri
Sambhar Lake is the largest saltwater lake in India and a place for thousands of winged visitors from as far away as Siberia migrate to Sambhar Lake. Abhishek Choudhuri in his short trip to Sambhar, described the natural beauty of the lake as well as the environment. He wrote about the various birds and their habitat.

Wilderness In Himachal Pradesh New- Author: Vinay Tandon
Himachal Pradesh boasts of India's some of the best hill resorts but it also home to number of Himalayan elusive wild animals and diverse flora. Vinay Tandon, a naturalist wrote an article about the wildlife of Himachal Pradesh. He described the best known wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Himachal.

Orchha - The Bundelkhand Heritage City New- Author: Abhishek Choudhury
Orchha today is a sleepy little hamlet but it was once the capital city of the mighty Bundelkhand Empire. From time immemorial, Bundelkhand has been an important destination for all sorts of tourists and travellers. Abhishek Choudhury wrote an article on Orchha where he stressed on the remarkable history of Bundelkhand Rajputs, their forts and architecture of the palaces and fortress.

Yelagiri – A Hill Resort In Tamil Nadu New- Author: Gaurav Malhotra
Tamil Nadu in India is blessed with some beautiful hill resorts. Yelagiri is one of them, just 3 to 4 hours drive from Chennai or Bangalore, perched at a height of 920m above sea level. Surrounded by green valleys, orchards, rose gardens, the valley is one of the serene destinations in Tamil Nadu. Gaurav Malhotra wrote an article on Yelagiri where described all the natural beauty, necessary information and famous places in Yelagiri.

Vizag - Joy Of The Coast New- Author: Sumitra Banerjee
Viskhapatnam also known as Vizag boasts of many luring beaches. Andhra Pradesh afford to have 1000km of coastline with major districts have direct access to the sea. Sumitra mentioned about the five more prominent beaches and its favourable conditions for tourist activities.

River Rafting In Rishikesh New- Author: Rituraj
Rafting or whitewater rafting is a challenging recreational activity utilizing a raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water. Rituraj Described in his article about his rafting experience in Rishikesh, he also wrote about Rishikesh, other activities and the thrill while rafting.

Turmeric: Ancient Indian Healer New- Author: Mrinalini Mukherjee
Turmeric is a household spice in Indian kitchen. Mainly it is used in recipe for flavour and color. In non Indian recipe it is used as a coloring agent and in India it is significant ingredient in most commercial curry powders. Mrinalini Mukherjee wrote an extensive reaserched article on turmeric in which she described various healing as well as cosmetic properties of turmeric.

Bahai Spiritual Existence In India- Author: Atul Sharma
The Bahá'í Faith is a religion that was founded by Bahá'u'lláh in Persia in the nineteenth century. There are an estimated five to six million Bahá'ís around the world in more than 200 countries and territories. Atul Sharma wrote an article about Bahai faith describing the religious significance,how Bahai faith help to eliminate sadness from life.

Romantic Holiday In India- Author - Mrinal Pandey
India promises a romantic haven, comprise of numerous idealic holiday destinations. There are snow capped mountains, green valleys, beaches and plenty unexplored places. Mrinal Pandey wrote an article on different travel destinations and described different places and their beaty. She also cited some honeymoon tips.

India - An Angler's Paradise- Author: Somdutta Sen
India is one of the major fishing countries in the world and have varieties of fishing options. There are numerous rivers and streams for fishing. Somdutta Sen wrote an article about fishing in India, describing the major fishing destinations, fishing tips, necessary official informations, where to go for angling and many more.

Snake Boat Race In Kerala - Author: Inam Hussam
The most important festival of Kerala is Onam. There are various events organised during this festival in the whole state such as Pookalam, which is an intricate colorful arrangment of flowers and Pulikali, the famous tiger dance. But the most fascinating is undoubtedly snake boat race. Inam wrote an article where he described vividly about the snake boat race festival during Onam.

Ayurveda - An Ancient Beauty Therapy- Author: Kanchan Jha
India is rich of traditional approach of treatment and most popular of that are yoga and ayurveda. Today ayurveda is not only popular of treating ailments but also widely used in beauty care. Kancha Jha told here about the holsitic approach to cure and rejuvenate body. She wrote about herbal product, uses of those and the commercial aspects of ayurveda.

Monsoon Magic In North India- Author: Samik
North India is blessed with all imaginable landscape and most sought after destination among outlanders. But the landscape changes its hue and colour during rainy season. Samik described some of the best of north Indian destinations where one can drench by its magic.

Deccan Odyssey - Dream On Wheels- Author: Manonita Roy
Indian railway runs few heritage trains where one can experience the royal ambiance with all the conceivable facilities. Manonita Roy traveled on Deccan Odyssey and wrote an enchanting article about the heritage train that travels through all the memorable places of Maharasthra. She described about the travel itinerary, hospitality and interior decoartion of the train.

Spiti - Unfolds The Mystic Mountains- Author: Rajeev Sharma
The Spiti valley is a desert mountain valley located high in the Himalaya mountains which is periodically cut off totally during winter. It possesses a distinctive Buddhist culture similar to that found in nearby Tibet and the Ladakh region of India. Rajeev Sharma traveled with his friends to explore this dread terrain and wrote down some interesting facts about the valley.

Tips To Make Your Honeymoon A Dream One- Author: Srijita Chatterjee
Honeymoon is a memorable event in ones life and people want to make it unforgettable. But often choosing destination, booking hotels and other necessary stuffs can be a big headache. Srijita Chatterjee described some essential points to remember during a honeymoon trip. She talked about hotel booking, basic etiquettes, and necessary tips to make a perfect honeymoon.

Wayanad – A Picture Perfect Place In Kerala- Author: Arpit Mehrotra
Wayanad district in Kerala is gradually becoming tourist heaven. Wayanad is set lofty on the majestic Western Ghats with altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 Metres. Arpit a globetrotter visited the place and wrote a vivid travelogue on it. He described about his trekking, forest scenery, tea plantations and also about the wildlife park in Wayanad.

Offbeat Hill Stations In India- Author: Trisha Bhattacharjee
India is fenced with mighty Himalayas and small towns cuddles are some of the best places to see and experience the unforgettable ambiance. Trisha Bhattacharjee wrote about five such destinations in India, though unpopular but nevertheless beautiful as much as famous ones.

Best Of Kerala- Author: Soumya Roy
Kerala is the most visiting destination in India and renowned all over world for its charming backwater rides, festivals, wildlife and many others activities. But Kerala is not all about backwater, there are also many things to explore and relish. Soumya Roy wrote five offbeat destinations and activities that mesmerized him during his visit to the state.

Patna To Bodhgaya- Author: Asima Pandey
Bodhgaya is famous all over world for its World Heritage Mahabodhi Temple. A huge 170 ft high Mahabodhi temple had an ancient origin but came into prominence during the reign of Ashoka. Asima Pandey, a Zoologist and native of Bihar travelled down to Bodhgaya from Patna and wrote about temple architecture, Buddhist monasteries and other traveler's attractions.

Kanyakumari- Journey Begins Where It Ends- Author: Prabhu Deva
kanyakumari is southernmost tip of Indian Peninsula, is a major tourist attraction for its beaches,great natural beauty and proximity to the blue hills of Western Ghats. Prabhu Deva journeyed to Kanyakumari to explore much beyond the temples and beaches. He finely described about the place, its people, climate, popular activities and his memoir about that palce.

Shopping In Kolkata- Author: Srikanto Ray
Kolkata is an intellectual and cultural capital of India and always renowned for its traditional shopping items. But in recent developments, Kolkata have witnessed malls and modern shopping plaza. Srikanto Ray, a wannabe auto journalist described elaborately the growing culture of new shopping ideas, listed some best shops in Kolkata and also told about traditional shopping items of Kolkata.

The Lotus Trail- Author: Rahul Sharma
Travelers across the world come to Uttar Pradesh for its rich Buddhist heritage. There are four important pilgrimage of Buddhism located here. Rahul Sharma wrote an account on Buddhist pilgrimages in Uttar Prades, given emphasize on the history, accessibility and religious importance of the place.

Power Of Mantra- Author: Utsav Sarkar
In Hindu religion spiritual words or Mantras has special magical power. It is not only devoted to Almighty but uplift the spiritual development of mind and body. Not only in Hinduism but also in Buddhism Mantras plays an important part. Utsav Sarkar, a software professional spoke at length about Mantras and it's related implication on human mind and body.

Five Best Railway Journey In The World- Author: Pritha Banerjee
Railway journeys are always exciting no matter how old are you. Rail journeys are the best way to absorb the landscapes of different regions. Pritha Banerjee has beautifully written an article on top five best rail journeys. She talked about different railways from every corner of the world, also spoke about Indian heritage railways and their significance.

The Grassland Doctrine- Author: Pankaj Singhal
Periyar National Park is beautifully located on the Western Ghats and a wonderful habitat for numerous animals. The park is specially famous for ubiquitous elephants. Pankaj Singhal in his travel memoir described about elephant safari, trekking in the wildlife park, some personal anecdotes and beautifully fleshed out his wildlife expedition in Periyar National Park.

Agra’s Musical Connection- Author: Kornika
Agra had a major importance in terms of Indian culture and traditions. One of the major aspects is, Agra's music that epitomized North Indian music. Agra's music reached its peak during Mughal reign. Kornika, a research scholar wrote an article about Agra's musical past, providing information on Mughal legacy, musical heritage and importance of music in medieval India.

Chasing The Himalayan Dream- Author: Priya Singh
Dhauladhar range is the southern branch of the main Himalayan chain of mountains. Its also known as white mountains about 5,639 meter high. Some exciting trekking route attracts many travelers that bypass the range. Priya Singh trekked alone to Dhauladhar and wrote about her trekking experience. A thrilling memoir narrated her ordeal with steep mountains, also described the beauty of Mcleodganj and Dharmkot.

Save Tigers- India’s greatest Wildlife Challenge- Author: Pramod Kumar
Tigers are an integral part of Indian wildlife, not only it has importance in wildlife but also culture and identity of a nation. Rapid disappearance of tigers from the Indain forests are serious concern. Pramod Kumar, a naturalist informed about Indian tigers and their status. In a well researched article, he wrote about history, present danger, government policies and effective method to restore tiger population.

Indian Nightlife - Night That Never Ends- Author Dheeraj Raghav
Nightlife in India is as vibrant as its culture. India is a land of traditions, customs and sacred rituals. Though oriental land is reputed across the world for its conservativeness, societal rules and rich cultural heritage, modern India is no more more lag behind any other cities. Dheeraj Raghav in his article has given a clear picture of Indian nightclubs, discos, pubs and bars. He informed about the latest fashion trend, famous night outs in Indian metro cities and the night culture in India.

Bindi- Indian Traditional Imagination- Author - Mukti Sharma
A growing fashion rage, Bindi has much deeper significance for Indian women. Indian ancient tradition and culture imbued through this ancient cosmetic add-on. Mukti Sharma have written a vivid article on Bindi and describing the history, cultural importance, new fashion trends and importance of Bindi in Indian women and society.

South India-Author: Sukiriti Agnihotri
South India is famous for its ancient temples, beaches, forts and churches. The place is very different from rest of India as it was a Dravidian occupation for long. Sukiriti who traveled to South India described about the culture, famous cities of South India, people and beaches of South India.

Dhanaulti – A Paradise In Uttarakhand- Author: Abhishek Kumar
Uttarakhand is famous for hill stations and unexploited natural beauty. While there are numerous places to be seen in Uttarakhand but here traveler Abhishek told about an offbeat destination in Uttarakhand known as Dhanaulti. He described the natural beauty of that place, accessibility to Dhanaulti, talked about resorts and hotels and the main attractions of that place.

Goa-Land Of Beaches- Author: Kriti Vajpeyi
Goa is considered as an ultimate party destination. Goa is luring destination for travelers across the world because of its seductive beaches, Goa churches, and christmas. Goa is also very popular for water sports. Kriti Vajpeyi described in her travelogue about Goa culture, Goa beaches and accessibility to Goa.

Agra-Ancient Mughal Heritage City-Author:Namita Kulshreshtha
Agra is a small city in Uttar Pradesh but have strong heritage importance in India. It is crowned with Taj Mahal and many other heritage monuments.Namita Kulshreshta wrote a crispy but interesting travelogue on Agra. She described the beauty of Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and Agra famous market arena.

Teen Murti House – New Delhi- Author: Ranbir Lavania
Teen Murthi is the house where Indian first prime minister and great leader Jawaharlal Nehru occupied during his life time. Teen Murthi is now a museum that preserve many historical things. Ranbir Lavania in his memoir beautifully described the Teen Murthi Bhavan, historical importance and also showed a pictorial veiw of suroounding garden.

Ranchi- A Beautiful City In Bihar- Author: Nawal Kishore Prasad
Ranchi is a beautiful city in Bihar. In India Lord Budhha was born in Bihar. Therefore, it becomes a major Buddhist attraction. Apart from Buddhist trail, Bihar is also famous for relics of ancient Nalanda university. Nawal Kishore Prasad a traveler described a tiny village in Ranchi. He spoke about the village scenaries, the culture, and their art and craft.

Darjeeling – A Beautiful Hill Station- Author: Abdullah Sanwar Borah
Darjeeling once a favorite hill station among Britishers is renowned for fresh hilly mountains, natural beauty and always smiling and friendly people. From Darjeeling one can view the beautiful Kanchenzonga peak. Abdullah Sanwar Borah described the natural beauty of the city, also mentioned his dizzy journey through the intricate network of mountain roads, he specially emphasised on Darjeeling tea, which is famous all over world and also spoke about Darjeeling monasteries.

New Delhi – Capital of India- Author: By Punit Chandra Mawli
New Delhi is the capital of India and a hub of business and political activities. There is also numerous heritage monuments thats why Delhi is considered as one of the prime heritage cities in the country. Punit Chandra Mawli finely described the importance of the city also spoke about the heritage.

Haridwar - Sacred Place Of UttarakhandAuthor- Ginny Bansal
Haridwar is one of the sacred places in India, dip in Ganga here is said to take away all of your sins. The place is beautifully adorned with temples and shops. Ginny Bansal who traveled to Haridwar recently talked about the sanctity of the place, also wrote in her travelogue about evening aarti, and Mansa Devi lake.

Ghatgaon- Orissa- Author: Nikhil Kumar
Orissa is a land of temples. The beauty of temples spread over to even remotest area. Ghatgaon is a village in Orissa but the temple here has some unique traits that makes it famous among travelers. Nikhil Kumar crisply described the uniqueness of temple and its surroundings.

Sariska - The Tiger Reserve- Author: Albeena Abbas
Indian is a home of numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks but one can see big cats in some of the parks. Sariska is renowned for royal Bengal also hose several other ferocious wildlife animals. In her crisply written travelogue Albeena Abaas not only described about Sariska but also the famous palace, safaries and accessibility to Sariska from Delhi.

Kerala – Part of the Indian Peninsula- Author: Tarun Rajpal
Kerala is known as 'God's Own Country' because of its natural beauty and pristine environment. Tarun Rajpal an avid traveler explored the place and wrote about the famous beaches, waterfalls, resorts, ayurveda and its wildlife treasure. Also he told about the popular places of jewish settlement.

Kullu-Manali – Tryst With Heaven - Author: Tajdar Ahmed
Kullu- Manali is a small but a beautiful valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh, a hill station of amazing popularity because of its heavenly landscape. Author Tajdar in a short trip to the place described the beauty of the landscape, his experience of camping in the ferine forests,and trailing to snow clad Rohtang Pass.

Nainital- Paradise Of North- Author: Niranjan Kumar
Nainital, a popular hill station in the state of Uttarakhand is beautifully nestled in the lap of Himalayas. Author Niranjan crisply narrated his experience with beautiful lakes, Himalayas, famous places in Nainital and even horse riding.

Orissa – Land of Temples and Beaches- Author : Bhageerathy
Orissa is popularly known as 'Soul Of India', got legacy of rich cultural heritage, beautiful temples and exotic beaches. Author Bhageerathy crisply pen down the beauty of Orrisa. She mentioned the beauty of temples, seducing beaches and boasting culture of Orissa. She also proudly accounted some esteemed academic institutions and meteoric growth of industries and economical development.

Bhopal – The City With A Versatile Profile- Author: Hritu Pawar
Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is named after the King Bhoj, the city is famous for ancient mosques and temples. In her travelogue, Author Hritu Pawar crisply described the exoticness of this rustic city. Author narrated her experience of the city's lakes, monuments, culture, people and of course the cuisines.

Kerala- God's Own Country- Author: Adarsh S.V
Kerala, among the 100 world best destination to be visited is specially renowned for nature's glory. Author Adarsh visited the place and written a travelog where he mentioned the place known as Wayanad located in the northern region of Kerala. The place is beautiful for its lush green forest, exotic waterfalls and celestial climate. Read a crispy and memorable account of an avid traveler.

Khajuraho- The Bold And The Beautiful- Author: Alka Jain
A small village in the state of Madhya Pradesh is now a World Heritage Site. Alka Jain unveiled the beautiful architectural wonders of Khajuraho temples, crisply described its aesthetic beauty and expressed the beauty of carved sculptures through her writing.

Chakrata – A gift Of Nature To Dehradun- Author : Dheeraj Deewedi
A college trip to a secluded yet beautiful picturesque valley known as Chakrata in Dehradun inspired Dheeraj to pen down his travel memoir in a crispy form. He tells about the blessed valley with pristine air and green environ. With no hotels and markets, the place is ideal for lonely vacation.

Mumbai – World of Beaches and Cinema - Author : By Sandipan Ghosal
Sandipan Ghosal speaks about the financial capital of India, Mumbai. In his business trip he got an opportunity to discover one of the busiest city of the world. He briefly narrates about the famous places like beaches, church gate, marine drive and some opulent bungalows of filmstars.

Udaipur-The Heart of Rajasthan- Author : By Kitu Bhardwaj
A humble travel memoir by travel journalist Kitu Bhardwaj about the heritage city Udaipur. During her Rajasthan tour she traveled to Udaipur and explored its culture, heritage palaces, and savored some of the delicious cuisines of the city. She enjoyed camel and elephant ride and shopped some beautiful Rajasthan handlooms.

Akshardham Temple - The Modern Heritage- Author : By Rahul Rastogi
This is a short travelogue by Rahul Rastogi who disovered Akshardham Temple, which counts as one of the newly built architecture marvel. In his travel memoir he nicely depicted the architecture and amazing atmosphere around the temple.

Badrinath - A Confluence Of Spiritual Fervor- Author : By Ramashish Chaturvedi
Ramashish Chaturvedi is a traveler who already explored many places. Recently he chanced upon to encounter with one of the popular pilgrimages that is Badrinath in Uttarakhand. In his short travel memoir he described the various temples and beauty of hillocks.

Allahabad - The City Of Sangam - Author : By Ankit Surekha
Ankit Surekha love to travel and mere in the age of 24, he has explored more than 50 destinations all across India. Recently, he explored Allahabad, one of the sacred city in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. In his small memoir, he had presented a crispy account about the religious ardor in Allahabad.

Akshardham Temple - Memorial To Peace - Author: By Eric Chord
Eric is a business consultant by profession and biker by hobby. He traveled a lot to different destinations of India. He discovered Akshardham Temple and much impressed by its structure and theme. Here he says a crispy memoir about his experience about this modern monument.

Taj Mahal -Sheer Poetry In Marble - Author: By Samir Kumar
Samir Kumar nicely depicts the beauty of Taj Mahal. He is a travel freak and almost traveled all the major destinations of India.

Mathura - Vrindavan Unveiled! Author: By Namita Asri
Namita Asri is a flambyont traveller who love to explore different places. In the year 2006, she discovered Mathura - Vrindavan, two of the popular pilgrimages cities of India based in Uttar Pradesh. In crisp story, she have spoken about the various temples which she came across in Mathura and Vrindavan.

Jaisalmer - Potpourri of Art and Craft Author: By Priya Tikoo
As the title suggest, Priya beautifully furnishes the information on Jaisalmer. She visited the city last year and encapusulated some pleasurable moments from there. The travelog reveals the beauty of the city and also the cultural and heritage it has.

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