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Vizag - Joy Of The Coast

By Sumitra Banerjee(03rd May, 2008)

Apart from Viskhapatnam and Bheemunipatnam beaches, the state has beaches at Manginapudi, Kakinada, Chirala, Kalingapatnam, and Mypad. Andhra Pradesh boasts of nearly 1000km of coastline with eight of its 23 districts having direct access to the sea with breathtaking beauty of blue waters caressing the golden sands at different points along the length of the coast, thrilling numerous holiday makers who throng the place every year. Some of the prominent beaches are:

· Ramkrishna beach and Lawson's Bay - Vizag and its environs present a soul stirring panorama of golden beaches, lush green vegetation and splendid monuments from a rich historical heritage. It is a haven for the fun seeker, a long strech ofs of beaches with sunshine to bask carefree and places to explore on foot. These beaches are places for fun and relaxation.

· Rishikonda Beach - This beach is loacted 8km from the Vizag, ideal for swimmers, water skiers and wind surfers. Tourist can enjoy a holiday in picturesque settings

. · Bheemunipatnam Beach - Once a Dutch settlement, this beach is located 24km from Visakhapatnam. The beach is one of the safest for swimmers. The road between Viskhapatnam and Bheemunipatnam is exhilarating.

· Manginapudi Beach - Located 11km from Machilipatnam in Krishna district, Manginapudi deserves its importance partly from its scenic beauty and partly from being a historic port city. Machilipatnam once flourished as a great trading center. This had served as a gateway to India during it heydeys. The beach has tremendous potential with a natural bay and comparatively shallow and safe waters. A beautiful laid park with a fountain and lighting arrangements further enhance its reputation as a place of relaxation.

· Mypad Beach - Located 25km from Nellore, Mypad is a fine sandy beach. The sea lovers can find the entire coastline of Andhra Pradesh stunningly appealing with azure lush green vegetation providing an enchanting backdrop.

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