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Trekking And Mountaineering

{Way to Trekking and Mountaineering}
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Mountaineering And TrekkingThe sheer variety of mountaineering and trekking options available in India makes it one of the most sought after destinations for these sports, not only in India but the world over. India has wide range of mountains, blessed with some of the greatest peak in the world, with clear sky and pollution free environ, India is surely a prime attraction of adventurous buffers.

India’s northern and northeast part is been bordered by mighty Himalayas. There are plenty of options for trekking in the region. Places like Garhwal and Kumaon harbor in the Uttarakhand region are studded with summits-all above 6500m-whose names ring with reverence: Nanda Devi, the Goddess of Bliss;Trishul, the Trident of Shiva;Nanada Ghunti, the Vail of the Goddess; Swargarohini, the Ascent of Heaven. There are hundreds of peaks above 6000 meters, many unnamed and unclimbed, to challenge the more adventurous. Set high in the Garhwal Himalayas, this region abounds in myths and legends of gods. Mussoorie, a hill station much used by the British, is an excellent base for treks into the Gangotri and Yamunotri valley. A particularly rewarding stop en route to Badrinath is the breathtaking valley of flowers, which is in full bloom in August. Other destinations include Hemkund lake, Mandakini Valley and Kedarnath. Kumaon, which stretches from the Himalayas in the north to the green foothills of Terai and Bhabar in the south, is another well-known trekking destinations.

One of the major centers is Almora, an ideal base for treks into pine and rhododendron forests with dramatic view of stark, snowcapped mountains, the Pindari glacier and the valley of Someshwar can be reached from here. Termed as the gateway to the beauty of Garhwal, forests of deodhar and other mountainous trees are the trademark of this region marking the ascent from Pauri. Tarakund is another trekker’s delight. The quaint little old temple and majestic mountains give it the exotic flavor it possesses.

Extreme northern part of India provides an extreme opportunity for mountaineering. Although a tough proposition, still hundreds of mountaineering enthusiast rushing there to explore the extremes. Towards the west Sikkim, close to the Nepal border, extreme mountaineering option lure hundreds of enthusiast. Climbing up to magnificent Gocha La pass is breathtaking. Impressive mountain range of Kanchenjunga, surrounded by sister mountains Rathong, Kabru, Talung and Pyramid Peak to the north are some of the exciting ranges of mountaineering trekking. Exciting Zansar range and Leh in Ladakh offer a challenging path for trekkers.

Stirring Spots

Mount Kalang(6387m), which is located in West Garhwal . Ideal for first and second Himalayan climbing. Grade is non-techinical (partly intricate and exposed climbing). Best time to explore - April-May

Mount Sri Kailash (6932m), which is located in Gangotri area. Designated as a major mountaineering expedition. Grade is non-technical. Best time to Explore – May-June

Mount Sudarshan (6543m), which is again located in the Gangotri area. Major mountaineering expedition. Grade is non technical. Best time to explore - May-June.

Mountaineering And Trekking Mount manirang(6543m), which is located in the lush valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is intricate and challenge your guts.

Nubra valley (10000 ft.), which is located in Ladakh can be best suitable for novice trekkers.

Suru and Zanskar valleys is located in Leh and leads tro different destination of Kashmir across the main ridge of great Himalayan range.

Travel Equipments

A Bag with multiple pockets with padded shoulder straps.

Shoes should be a half sized larger than your normal shoes. Always carry pair of shoes.

Always use thick woolen socks that keep your moisture out from your feet.

A well equipped first-aid-kit.

A water bottle.

Swiss army knife.

Topographic map and compass.

Winter attires.

And chocolates to keep your calorie level to optimum.

Invaluable Suggestions

It is advisable to leave a copy of detail itinerary to your hotel manager or friend.

Never trek on your own

You can always have an encounter with wild animals so equipped yourself with some kind and weapon.

Always observe dress code while traveling to remote villages and monasteries. More you wear more you will be accepted.

A suitable temperament is the most important requirement for anyone undertaking a trek in the Himalaya.

Personal hygiene is must. Skin infection and diarrhea are common ailments during trekking.

Good quality eye wear such as ski goggles are necessary to combat the glare of the snow.

Travellers Factoid
Know Your Himalayas

Geography: It is one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world. It was a collision that formed mountain ranges right across Asia, including the Karakoram, the Pmirs, the Hindukush, the Tien Shan and the Kun Lun.
Himalayan Ranges
1) Pir Panjal - At an average elevation of 5000 m, it lies south of the main Himalaya. Frm Gulmarg in the north-west it follows the southern rim of the Kashmir Valley from the Warvan Valley.
2)Siwalik Hills - It is an average elevation of 1500 to 2000m. They include Jammu Hills and Vishnu Devi and extend to Kangra and further east to the range south of Mandi.
3) Zanskar Range - The Zanskar range lies to the north of the main Himalaya. It forms the backbone of Ladakh south of Indus river.
4) East Karakoram Range - It is the huge range that forms the geographical divide between India and Central Asia.
Climate: Humidity is extremely low and rainfall not more than few centimeters. In June, daytime temperature frequently rise to the mid 20 degree Cs. Most of the treks can be undertaken from then on until the middle of October. These regions experience some of the coldest temperatures anywhere in the world.
Trek With Us: We as a responsible travel organization can arrange you whole trekking itinerary. We have associate with excellent trekking and mountaineering institutes form where novice traveler gets all the hand on practices simultaneously gaining traveling tips about high expeditions. We also take care of your hotel booking and commutation.

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