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YogaToday, when spirituality is being defined as wellness, healing and rejuvenation, India is emerging as the perfect destination for tourists seeking relief from the material world. Here, age-old systems of yoga and ayurveda are being suitably merged with new-age systems to offer unique solution. This ancient science came from the mind of sage Patanjali, which basically means reunite the self body with the almighty. It is a divine science of life and a way to spiritualism. However, yoga now a days is being popular for physical health as well. It helps to get rid of harmful toxins from body, muscle toning and improving blood circulation. Yoga also helps in correcting body postures.

India is a land of mystical beauties and birthplace of many ancient sciences that are becoming increasingly pertinent and popular in context of today's spiritual thirstiness. In India there are places where people from far places comes to learn the magic of yoga and meditation. Travelers searching quietude and for physical well being visit India to learn yoga. India has innumerable ashrams spotted in different beautiful locales. Most of the ashrams scattered across the ancient town towns like Rishikesh, Bihar and other places in India. They are simply low budget, no frill accommodation options and all of them are quiet and peaceful. Few of them also offer meditation class as well.

Indian Yogic Destinations

Kerala - Kerala is one of the most visited places in World. The place is famous for its pristine environment and exquisite sceneries. In the middle of beautiful locales there are few but renowned yogic and ayurvedic centers, which offer some mind blowing therapeutic massage and treatment. Kerala's clinics are unique form other yogic centers of India as it emphasized on massage therapy and naturopathic regimes. It truly energize and refresh the whole body.

YogaRishikesh - Rishikesh offer stunning panoramic locales for yoga session. With breathtaking views and the heady fragrance of the mountain air as your constant companions, yoga are Rishikesh becomes a unique experience to rejuvenate your soul. Most of the ashrams in Rishikesh is quiet and peaceful and with fairy strict stipulations regarding the avoidance of eggs, meat,garlic, onion, alcohol and cigarettes.

Bihar- Although less illustrated but a good tourist destination for those who want to experience the cultural wealth as well as to practice some yoga lesson, can always opt for yoga in Bihar, the birthplace of Buddha, Bihar has ample places to see like Bodhgaya,Sarnath, Kushinagar, Nalanda etc. the famous Bihar School of Yoga at Munger in Bihar offers meditation and yoga sessions for tourists.

Chennai - The Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort set amid 50 acres of lush greenery in Chennai also a sought after tourist destinations that have a tradition of Yoga.

Some Useful Yoga Asanas

Bhujanga Asana (Snake Posture)
Lie straight on your stomach, bend the head and neck backward. Inhale and raise the head and chest, above the naval area, upwards. Tighten the legs allover from the waist down to the toes, retain in the same position for about 6 seconds. Relax your body gradually and lower your body and exhale simultaneously.and rest with your right or left cheek on the floor for about 6 seconds. Benefit- Increase flexibility, rejuvenate spine, blood flows to the upper body part, also beneficial for those who suffer from constipation and indigestion.

Salabha Asana (Locust Posture)
Lie face down on the floor on your stomach. Body should be straight and firm. Now raise your legs slowly (if two is not possible raise one leg) while inhaling and remember do not bend the knees. Remain in the same posture for few seconds and relax.
Suggestions – This asana should be avoided after any severe stomach operation.
Benefits – It strenghthen the lower back and flow blood to the cervical area. Regulate intestinal activity and improve the function of kidneys and liver.

Sarvanga Asana (Shoulder Stand Yoga)
Lie on your back. Slowly raise your leg in a vertical position(at 90 degree). Bring both palm underneath your hips and support your body weight. Chin touching the shoulder and legs should be straight and stiff. Remain in this position for 30 seconds and relax.
Benefits - Thyroid gland is essential for many purposes. Reverse flow of blood to gland help to nourish the gland. It brings youthfulness, strength to spine, cure sexual impotency, and nourishes the spinal column.
Suggestion – This asana is performed only once in a session. One shouldn't exceed to 1 minute time.

Yoga Festival

International Yoga Festival- With the growing popularity of yoga in India, government of Pondicherry conducts an annual international yoga festival every year in the month of January. This festival is gaining popularity every year, yoga gurus and yogins from every part of the world attain this 4 day festival. The festival aims to develop consciousness about the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human being in life. World renowned yoga ashrams, Aurobindo Ashram and International Center for Yoga Education and Research host the festival. More than 500 delegates from different part of the world and from India itself keep the show lively with display yoga, talking about new methods and perform Indian dance and music. If you are in this session and interested in yoga, don't miss the festival.Respect the abode of wildlife and vegetated ground. Himalayas are the most unspoilt area in the area. Therefore, maintain the Eco-tourism ethos.

International Yoga Week – Parmath Niketan with collaboration with Uttaranchal Tourism development Corporation hosts the International Yoga Festival in the beautiful valley of Uttarakhand every year in the month of March. This is an excellent platform where one can witness different yoga postures and interact with renowned yoga masters to get some valuable tips. Festival also covers cultural programs, consultations with yoga gurus, evening divine Ganga aarti and lots of fun.

Travellers Factoid
List of Relevant Yoga Ashrams In India

Rishikesh - Sivananda Kutir (ashram) - Rishikesh, Uttaranchal
Parmath Niketan – Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Kerala - 1)Ananda Ashram Ananda Ashram P.O.
Kanhangad S,Rly. North Kerala Ashram by Late Swami Ramdas
2)Jeeveshwara Gurukulam Thekkevelikkade, Neervil Perinad, P O.Quilon, Kerala.
3)Gynananda Ashram Kondyanur,Via Deshmangalam, Dt.Trichur , Kerala

Bihar - 1) Sanskritik Vidyapeeth, Sultan Ganj, Patna (Bihar) ………Swami Mangaldeo
2)Acharya Kabir Sampradaya Laheji Dt.Chhupra (Bihar)Ashram by Mahant Ramdhari Gosain
3) Bharat Sevak Samaj Chhupra (Bihar) ashram by Swami Balram Das
4) Chatarbhuj Ashthan Bakhraj, P.O.Sita Marthi, Dt: Mujjaffarpur (Bihar) …….Mahanat Ramkrishna Das

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